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ExtremeNode™ ENH108 Chassis

Part Number : ENH108BK

ExtremeNode chassis is not just a docking bay. It is the thermal solution for the high performance linux cluster. Our ultra cooling design reduces processor and power supply overheating problems. Overheating is one of the common problems causing “dead node”. The traditional 1U servers are not designed to handle ultra high performance processors required for the linux clustering environment. As result of the inadequate cooling from these 1U servers, many linux cluster users are experiencing large number of “dead nodes” with in 6 month period.

We overcomed the overheating problem with our superior cooling design. Our MultiChannelCooling™ technology design helps us to keep our blade servers at least 10° C cooler then other servers during maximum stress.

Our ExtremeNode chassis comes with six 120mm exhaust fans. These exhaust fans has build in redundant power source to keep them running continuously. In addition, these six 120 mm exhaust fans are also hot-swappable. These advantages help our customers to protect their investments.






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